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What You Should Bring

  1. Bring lots of enthusiasm for learning and enjoying the many activities planned for you in the great outdoors.
  2. Bring lunch and beverage every day. Please remember that there is no refrigeration available.
  3. Bring a snack for mid-morning (if desired). Snacks such as fruit, cheese, crackers, etc. are recommended. Pack this separately from your lunch bags or boxes or label snacks. Cool water and & snowcones will be provided daily by the camp.
  4. Bring an extra set of clothing, shoes and rain gear. Rubber boots are needed for creek exploration. These can remain at the camp throughout the week in case they are needed.
  5. Bring money only on days assigned for Camp Store.

What You Should Not Bring

Do not bring money except for the Camp Store on the purchase day assigned to your group. Do not bring knives, toys, or anything extra to keep up with unless requested by your counselor in writing. Preschool children who need to bring something special may do so, but with the understanding that while counselors will do their best to keep up with these items they cannot be held responsible for lost items except in the "grieving process". With the varied activities available and no pool, do not bring swim suit or towels unless requested.

What You Should Wear

Wear comfortable "not so good" camp clothes. Dress as cool as possible for the hot weather. Tennis shoes are requested because sandals make walking difficult on the camp terrain. Velcro (no-lace) tennis shoes are greatly appreciated by the counselors. Hats or caps will help shield you from sunlight.

Arriving on Time

Parents are encouraged to be on time in the morning and afternoon for the safety of their children. Every effort will be made for the bus to be on time also. Children's other activities should be scheduled after camp so as to avoid the need to leave early.

Full Day Camp:
    Arrive at church at 8:00; Departure: 8:15 a.m. from Providence United Methodist
    Car Arrival at camp: 9:00 a.m.
    Car Departure from camp: 3:00- p.m.
Bus Pick Up: 3:30-3:45 p.m.          


Bus Stop Procedure

Our arrival and departure procedure has been planned in the best interest of your child's safety and is requested for all ages. Please allow ample time.
The bus is for Full Day Camp children only.

Arrival Procedure

When arriving at bus stops:

  1. Please walk with your child to the bus. Do not leave your child with Bus Driver. Wait until counselor is present.
  2. Please wait with your child until the counselor checks off your child's name and places a name tag on your child.
  3. Please advise the bus counselor who will pick up your child. Should this change due to an emergency the camp must be notified by calling by noon on the day of the change 704-843-9541.
  4. Please advise the bus counselor if the child will walk home. The child walking home must await the counselor's permission to leave.
  5. If you arrive with other children, not attending camp, please do not permit them to play in the parking lot. This can be dangerous, as cars arrive and depart.

When arriving at camp by car:

  1. Drive to lodge
  2. Remain in your car while counselor marks camper present and counselor asks who will pick up.

Pick up Procedure

  1. Please walk to the bus (form a line)
  2. Give your child's name and your name to the bus counselor, who will then call your child's name and check off your child's name.
  3. Be sure to check side of bus (at luggage hold) for crafts.
  4. If picking up at camp by car, please stop at car pavilion. Give your name & child's name. Remain in your car.

Bus Behavior
The following information needs to be shared
with your favorite camper: Riding the bus requires good behavior for safety and enjoyment. Good behavior means: remain seated at all times. Stand only to get to bathroom with staff assistance. Absolutely no hitting.  Total quiet during roll call both at arrival and dismissal time.  When parents arrive for pickup, children remain seated until name is called.
Bus arrival
8:00 a.m.  Be present for pick up by 3:30 p.m. as times vary depending on traffic.
Car arrival
Full day.
 Arrival  9:00 a.m. Pick up 3:00 pm                                  

Bus Schedule & Location

Providence United Methodist Church at Corner of Sharon Amity
**Enter from Providence or Ferncliff at lower lot. Be present by 8 a.m.
Depart: 8:15 a.m.     Arrive : 3:30- 3:45 p.m.
Note: No child will get off the bus until the designated person to pick up the child arrives and makes the request. The person picking up the child must be the person whose name has been previously given to the bus counselor. If your child is scheduled to ride the bus, he must ride the bus Monday through Friday (for continuity). No Changes.  No other

children are permitted to ride the bus other than those registered  for the bus. Even if carpool children are visiting their bus riding friends, the bus cannot accept additional riders.

Car Procedure

Persons bringing a child to the camp by car may follow the signs to the carpool area where counselors will receive your child. They will greet you and open and close the door for your child. This helps to keep the carpool line moving. Please do not delay at this area as this delays all other parents waiting behind you. The counselor will mark your child present and record who will pick up your child. Note: If you do not come through the designated area, there will be no one to mark your child present. For your child's safety, PLEASE do not drop off your child in any other area, and do not leave unless you are certain we have marked your child present. If you wish to visit the camp, drop your child off according to procedure. Then park your car in the lot and visit the camp. Visitations are best prior to camp opening.

Who is Picking Up Child?  
Please Remember to walk your child to the bus and communicate who will pick up your child each day. Please follow this procedure also if coming by car.  Do not let a child get out of a car at camp until the Car Counselor is there to mark him/her present.  Please keep moving so that others can check in their children.  


your pre-arranged transportation.  With only five days of camp, please do not change your child’s transportation. If coming by car to camp, child must come and go by car.  If coming by bus, child must come and go by bus.  Your requested transportation has been given to counselors and other staff.  For your child’s safety, we appreciate you honoring your original request. DO NOT rearrange transportation of campers visiting each other, but using different transportation.

Directions to Camp

The camp is located at 7123 New Town Road. Take Providence Road (16 South) towards Waxhaw. Turn left at Ennis Road, left onto New Town Road (if you miss Ennis go to stoplight at New Town Road and turn left). Drive 2 miles on New Town Road. Watch for the first bridge crossing. Turn right at the first driveway past the bridge. A Camp Whip-Poor-Will sign is located at the entrance.


The children's home-in-the-woods is like their home away from home. It is their group place in a cleared wooded area with shade and cool air. This is where groups will begin and end their day; have lunch and snacks, and enjoy decorating their outdoor classroom. In case of inclement weather an assigned area of the log cabin lodge area is available for each group for activities.

A Hot Summer?

In cases of very extreme heat many outdoor activities will be curtailed. Well planned activities indoors or in the shelter of the shade will occur. There are cool wooded areas at the camp and a log cabin lodge with approximately 10,000 square feet of covered space. Decisions will be made daily based on weather conditions. Parens and children are encouraged to contact staff with any weather concerns.

Special note about skin care: If your child needs sunscreen or bug spray , please apply before camp. If needed throughout the day, please tell your child to inform their counselor for help applying as others may be allergic. Please label the bottle clearly.


Parents are encouraged to check children for insect bites, ticks, etc. upon their arrival home. (We will be checking also). During the day children are requested to make counselors aware of bites or stings so that they may be treated quickly and appropriately. While all walking trails and H-I-W are cleared, occasional poison ivy is present in areas, usually avoided by groups. Please check your children. Leave book bags, etc. outside your home until you have checked thoroughly for insects.

Name Tags

Parents are requested to pin paper name tags with a safety pin on the child's clothing each Monday. On the name tag please include name, age, grade entering, phone number, and parent's name. The Camp will also provide a Tag that the child will receive each day. Name Tags will be removed daily by bus counselor or car counselor and put on again each morning.  This tag can then be kept at the end of the week for a camp souvenir! A new Camp Tag will be given each week.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is for all campers. There will be a "Horse Orientation" with opportunities to see, touch, feel, groom, sit upon and ride as determined safe for varying age levels. Children will wear hard hats provided by the camp when riding. Groups participate 1-3 times per week.

Animal Farm

The camp has an animal farm with various kinds of animals to provide the opportunity to learn more about each animal and to pet the animals. Groups participate 1-3 times per week on the same day that they ride horses.

Camp Spaces
Share Camp Whip-Poor-Will with a friend. Some spaces are available in our camping weeks. Please call for add-on weeks or applications for friends.

Lost Articles
Lost articles will be left in a Lost and Found department at camp. Children will be asked daily to check the area for lost articles with their counselors prior to leaving. If properly labeled, lost articles will be returned. After September 10th these items will be donated if no contact is made.


Parents may visit the camp at any time. During camp hours there will be a gate across the entrance. Please park at the entrance and walk to the camp area. This gate will provide safety for the children. During arrival and dismissal times the gate will be opened.


During the camp days all staff will be with the children. You may leave messages on the camp phone. Every effort will be made to return calls after 4:00 p.m. on the day the call is received. Efforts will be made to check the messages for urgent calls through the day. Emails may get quicker attention.

Food & Water
your child to eat and drink at camp.  Leftover lunches will be returned in lunch boxes so you will be aware.  With small groups counselors supervise lunches, but cannot force children to eat.  Please encourage!  Water is available for campers.  Water breaks between activities are offered.
children to express their needs at camp to their counselor. Children are heard in this camp. There are bugs, ticks, and bees at camp.  We are watching your child carefully, but please check each day for ticks and bug bites. Encourage your child to wear a hat to camp since ticks can fall from trees.

range from 8 – 12  (never over 15) in number with Sr. staff member (college or older, or experienced younger staff) and a Jr. Staff member (mostly eighth-tenth grade). At some activity areas there is a resource leader. These three remain with you child’s group during the activity periods throughout the day.

are varied each day.  Each full day group participates in activities during the week, depending on the event, at least 1 – 3 times.  Children enrolled in part day enjoy 1 – 2 times at their activity program areas. Take home crafts are offered everyday.  Be sure to pick these up from bus luggage area.  In the case of extreme heat, there is an indoor facility that will be used as necessary, and outdoor activities can be curtailed.

“Let Me Finish What I Begin”
 Please try to schedule other activities so that a child can complete the full week of camp without being taken out for other activities.  With such a short week, children appreciate the opportunity to complete the week.
 Parents are welcome
to visit the camp at any time with or without notice to the camp.  Please check by the office for a name tag so that we know you are on the premises.
The Camp Project
this year is called “Project Peanut Butter”.  Children may bring any size jar of peanut butter to contribute to the Second Harvest Food Bank Metrolina, which serves 18 counties of non-profit agencies.  The children coming for several weeks may wish to send only one jar, or children often collect in their neighborhoods.  Please contribute as you and your family feel comfortable.  Children each year show a great deal of enthusiasm for their Project!  Food bank shelves are often empty in summer.
Camp Store
The Camp Store
is open daily for full day campers and has camp T-shirts,   varied games, and toys.  Prices range from $3.00 up.  Children may bring their camp store money on their designated day(write checks only for the amount you wish A child to spend as no change is given and the full amount will be Used ). Send a note if you wish a camper to purchase a camp shirt .Counselors will assist them in their purchases.  These purchases help the camp with its needed equipment and facility purchases.  Also from camp store purchases, a donation from the camp is made to Smile Train.  This is an organization that provides surgery for children with cleft palates so that they too, may smile, just as our campers.

Birthdays at Camp WPW
Birthdays are very special and many birthday choices are made available throughout the year with activities for the birthday child. Inquire for through the year birthday celebrations or summer birthdays by emailing For additional information and a personal conversation and personalized planning for your child's birthday, call the camp office. The goal of birthdays at Camp WPW is to make the birthday child VERY SIGNIFICANT in the midst of small celebrations of friends and close family.

Important Information!

  • You are responsible daily for Messages or Resources to be found in your child's lunch box during his/her summer week.
  • We welcome your messages of any ways we can improve for you or any of the experiences you wish to share as gleaned from your favorite camper and your observation.
  • Please always respect your bus counselors and address bus or other concerns only to the Camp Office (704-843-9541)
  • Thanks for joining us for this Special Summer!!