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The camp was founded by Tommy and Betty Ruth Wilkerson. Chartered for the purpose of providing Christian nurture for children, the programs now offer year round opportunities for children.

Betty Ruth Wilkerson is a certified Director of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church. She specializes in Children's Ministry. She was the Director of Christian Education for children at Myers Park Presbyterian Church for 13 years. Over the years, she has been involved in numerous educational activities including Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter of Educators, the Board of the Children's Home Society of NC, an instructor in Christian Education at Queen's University, an Advisory Board member of Camp Care, and president of NC Christian Educators.

Betty Ruth is a recipient of St. Andrew Presbyterian College's prestigious Margaret Bowen Award for Distinguished Service to Christian Education. She is a cum laude graduate of St. Andrew's Presbyterian College where she was listed in "Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges," and served as President of the Student Christian Association. Betty Ruth is the heart of the camp and her many skills and creativity help her to provide the camp with a solid foundation.  She has a lifetime of love for children.

Thomas F. Wilkerson (Tommy) brings to Camp Whip-Poor-Will training in business, management and banking, and personnel training. He is the soul and spirit that leads the camp

Formerly with Bank of America for eleven years, he directs planning and oversees camp safety and operations. He has a History major with a BA degree. He attended UNC Chapel Hill and Belmont Abbey College. Also, he served as an elder in Myers Park Presbyterian Church and as a church school teacher for third grade children. He is actively involved in the implementation of hands on learning activities for children. He is well known for his love of gardening and outdoor exploration, hiking, field trips, designing the leather craft program, and he has experience in music, storytelling and drama. . The campers just know him as "Mr. Whip-Poor-Will". He is every camper's favorite!

The two attended the Annual Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, Tennessee for three years for a greater Camp Storytelling emphasis. Both served as Organizers and Directors for a Home Stay program through the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and served in over thirty after school programs with their created programs, "After the Bell Tolls, Please May I Stay After School."

Now Tommy and Betty Ruth, the heart and soul of Camp Whip-Poor-Will, are working together to create a truly memorable experience for children.


Did you know?
1.Did you know that Camp Whip-Poor-Will began its first  four years at The Gus Purcell Camp on Kuykendall Road?
2. Did you know that  after leaving that location due to sale of the property the next location was back of the soccer field for 9-10 years at Charlotte Latin.
3.  Did you know that  the camp operated on property in Waxhaw as the Board and Mr. and Mrs WPW searched for land? 
4.  Did you know that a Board Member, who had such faith in the need for a Camp like Whip-Poor-Will, bought  the land that is presently Camp WPW and advised Mr. and Mrs. WPW to turn it into a camp and lease from him! WPW has continued in this great place since 1998.
5.  Did you know that the Board member who purchased the land is now deceased and his children wish to sell the land?
6.  Do you know? If you are an interested parent and would like to meet with the present owner to discuss WPW, he is interested in hearing about you and helping us to keep WPW on the move!  Email us and you will be advised of the Meeting.